segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2015

What are you waiting for

 No fim das contas, a gente espera demais. Espera pra ver, espera acontecer, espera por esperar. Dos outros, de nós, da vida, do mundo. Pra tudo a gente espera. Esperamos o futuro, muitas vezes sentados. Esperamos que o passado vá embora. Esperamos que o presente seja presente e se faça sozinho. Esperamos que cada um seja e faça sua parte, enquanto o outro também espera que você faça por ele. E no fim das contas, quem sai do lugar?
 Não criar expectativas é quase tarefa impossível. Ninguém entra em algo sem esperar que esse algo aconteça. Algo de ruim, de bom, o que quer que seja. Alguma coisa a gente sempre espera, mesmo que inconscientemente. Mesmo quando a gente não quer esperar. E o problema é que a frustração vem da expectativa. Como lidar? Hipocrisia dizer que sabemos ficar zen e meditar diante do que queremos que aconteça. O coração não sabe pensar. 
 De todas as esperas da vida, acredito que esperar dos outros é a que mais frustra. Frustra porque sempre acreditamos no bom senso alheio e, muitas vezes, ele não existe. Pessoas serão sempre pessoas, e muitas não sabem os seus limites. Quem não pensa em si não pensa no outro, possivelmente. E esperar que alguém aja como nós é esperar em vão. Talvez, melhor do que tentar evitar essa expectativa que sempre teremos é tentar aprender a lidar com a frustração. No mínimo, sairemos mais fortes dessa batalha incessante. 
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  1. """Waiting isn't going to cut it for very long anymore.
    Don't wait for the things you are passionate about and the things that ring true to you.
    Places, people, things, teachings, actions, events and all other phenomena that strike a chord within you: that DEEPLY RESONATE.... What to do with these?
    There is only one valid answer to that if you wish to accelerate yourself into a reality that will be in alignment with your Heart's fullest potential and truest desire:
    "yes... but..."
    Postpone, wait around, be spiritually passive, project that grace will save you, make up excuses, gather up your but's, manifest convenient distractions for yourself all you like: It's not going to save/help you to be the you you are meant to be. Use this upwards spiral of energy that is uplifting the planet and all beings. This is a rare wave. A unique chance. A once in a thousand lifetimes shot. Don't let yourself look back upon this and feel sorry for yourself how you let measly little fears take a hold of your innately passionate heart.
    If something resonates, then don't hesitate even for one second. Become 100% commitment: pure immediate action. No interference from doubts and practicalities are allowed in. Dismiss your fears, don't even look for them.
    Magic isn't linearly practical, it is time and spaceless: it doesn't have any rules other than that it needs you to be true to what resonates within your heart.
    Learn to listen within and seize every opportunity to further act on the events and things that resonate with your highest frequency Self. Follow your passion without cowardice and past-based fears.
    Fear isn't yours, it belongs to the world that assembled it around your light. Let it go. Be your purest light frequency within and slip out of your fear-skin completely.
    Don't doubt that you will be taken care of on every level. Don't be ungrateful - can't you see that your whole life has already been taken care of for you up to this point? None of your fears for the future were absolutely valid, even if they were temporarily relevant at times, but only rarely even then. In the end, you are always fully supported to continue to exist and none of your fears really came true.
    You have no reason to doubt how life will take care of you - it always will. Instead, focus on what resonates and ACT on it. Don't wait. Ever. If you wish life to support you, then give this gift of immediate heart-response to life, and it will respond in the same manner, for it mirrors only your frequency of being.
    Act on your truth, and your life becomes an explosion of goodness and accelerated transformation. Don't wait for anything or anyone. BE what you feel you wish to be and catch this train of re-crystalizations of realities. Choose the energy that resonates most with YOU and that will become your new world."""